In View of God’s Mercy: A Series of Services for Holy Week and Easter

Holy Week is a special time in Lent when we take an even deeper look at our lives.  This year, we are doing so in view of God’s mercy toward the whole world in the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus, on the cross.  We, in turn, are called by God, especially during these holy days, to be living sacrifices for him, displaying our devotion to him in word and deed.

Each of the additional services in this worship series for Holy Week focuses our eyes of faith on the richness of God’s mercy made manifest in Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection.

In the service for Palm Sunday, we wave palm branches to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem for the last time.  We also witness Jesus beginning his mission of mercy for the salvation of all people’s souls.

In the service for Maundy Thursday, we join the disciples in that upper room as bread is broken and a cup of wine is shared.  Christ’s body and blood in this service serve as agents of mercy to us who are broken by sin and thirsting for righteousness.

In the service for Good Friday, we ponder how Jesus mercifully removed the sentence of sin against us by going to the cross to declare us not guilty.

And in the service for Easter Day, we celebrate that God raised Jesus from the dead so that we can have a new beginning and live in a way that mirrors the mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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