This Week’s Music Selection from Heidi Dybing

The other day I randomly chose a cd for my dogs to listen to when I was gone for the afternoon. It was an Irish disc by Phil Coulter.  The dogs highly recommend it for relaxation and reflection!

 Coulter’s gorgeous Celtic ballads remind me of our own Lanesboro Celtic band of years past, Carla and the Bad Back Boys. They were really, really good but only a few of us were lucky enough to hear them perform.  Carla described her soulful, Irish lullabies as “Celtic Depresso”.  Perfect tongue in cheek description!  Today’s selection is definitely “Celtic Depresso”.

The Town I Loved So Well was written in 1980 for Phil Coulter’s hometown, Derry, Ireland, and has become a sort of Irish National anthem.  In honor of the towns, we all love and call home…

This Week’s Music Selection by Heidi Dybing

In 2015 our wonderful Lanesboro Community Theater presented Mary Poppins.  One of my favorite musicals, I think I know the words to every song and most dialogue, as many of you do also!  To me, the most beautiful and poignant song from the production is Feed the Birds.  I have arranged this song as a lullaby so this evening, after the excitement of the fireworks, maybe this melody will help you wind down and relax.  Sweet dreams…….

This Week’s Music Selection from Heidi Dybing

In normal times, this would be county fair month and I am sure you have fond memories of your fair like we do of our Fillmore County one when we were teenagers.  It was one of the best weeks of the summer!  We teenage girls would gather in Nancy’s bedroom to figure out what to wear to the Midway.  The midway was “the place to be” in the 1970s.  Watching boys and being watched!!!!!  Fun times!

This lighthearted, happy song is called Carousel Days to celebrate all our memories of county fairs and the big one, the Great Minnesota Get Together…the State Fair.  Next year!!!!