Lenten Devotional by Luther Seminary

My Song Is Love Unknown

Luther Seminary invites us to use the 2022 Lenten devotional, “My Song is Love Unknown” for personal or congregational use throughout the Lenten season.

This year’s contributing authors from Luther Seminary are:

  • Jon Anderson ’85 M.Div.
    Director of Rural Ministry
  • Timothy Coltvet ’98 M.Div.
    Director of Contextual Learning
  • Paul N. Hanson ’89 M. Div.
    Senior Philanthropic Adviser
  • Dirk G. Lange
    Professor of Worship and Frederik A. Schiotz Chair of Christian Missions
  • Grace Pomroy ’12 M.A.
    Director, Stewardship Leaders Program
  • Elizabeth Schoenknecht ’04 M.Div.
    Philanthropic Adviser
  • Ashley Wheeler
    Candidacy Coordinator

The theological editor is James L. Boyce ’71, Professor Emeritus of New Testament and Greek. The editorial coordinator is Bethany Riethmeier, Donor Engagement Coordinator.

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