This Week’s Musical Selection for July 4th from Heidi Dybing

Not our usual 4th of July, but happy, healthy, and peaceful. So grateful.

This medley is one of Phil’s favorites so dedicated to my producer!
Shenandoah is a traditional folk song from the early 1800s.  It originated with French Canadian and American fur traders.  What I did not know was that Shenandoah was an Oneida chief and the lyrics are sung by a fur trader who wanted to marry his Native American daughter.  I always thought Shenandoah was a body of water!!

Mine Eyes (I prefer that title over Battle Hymn) was written by Julia Howe, an ardent abolitionist, and promoter of women’s rights.  During the Civil War, she was inspired by the melody to JohnBrown’s Body but felt the words “needed improvement”.  She sent the song to Atlantic Monthly and the rest is history.  Oh, and she received $5.00.

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