This Week’s Music Selection from Heidi Dybing

Home has become a headline word in recent months….”Stay-at-home.”  
We are fortunate to have our homes.  Some have lost their homes to rioting and violence, some to loss of jobs and income, some to fire and storms. Some have been temporarily away from their homes due to illness, work, or other obligations.  It is a special warm feeling to come home when you are tired, burdened, or seeking solitude.

Years ago Carolyn Freese and I were doing the “concert circuit” (Definition….church gatherings,  care centers,  retreats!) promoting our locally released piano and vocal CDs.  I miss our time together!   My very favorite selection that she performed was Homeward Bound by Marta Keen.  My eyes filled with tears every time she sang this haunting, Irish inspired piece.  The final line is…”In the quiet misty morning when the moon has gone to bed when the sparrows stop their singing, I’ll be homeward bound again.”

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