This Week’s Music Selection from Heidi Dybing

Heidi and Phil posted this Saturday evening, May 30, 2020.

Last weekend Phil and I watched the CBS Sunday night movie (memories of childhood Sunday evenings) and the feature was Titanic.  It has been 23 years since the premiere and we had forgotten what an amazing movie it was.  The theme song has been in my head all week (a very enjoyable ear worm!) and we decided to use My Heart Will Go On as our music offering.
Monday I decided it would be a reassuring message for the Covid pandemic we are all dealing with but then Monday evening happened.  Now the violence, hate and despair that is happening in our Twin Cities and elsewhere has overshadowed what we previously thought was overwhelming.  The occurrences in our wonderful Minnesota cities is not something I can even comprehend.  I wish everyone in the entire world could have what we have here…our natural beauty, safety, clean air and water and caring neighbors.  How can we fix this?  What can we do?  
Final line…..”You are safe in my heart.  And my heart will go on and on.”
May everyone be safe tonight, and tomorrow, and on and on…..

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