Music Message from Heidi Dybing

Today’s composer is David Lanz.  He was born in Seattle in 1950.  His mother was his piano teacher (as was mine) and he grew up playing Sinatra, Ray Charles and Nat King Cole.  As a teenager, he played keyboards in rock bands.  Then transitioned to jazz and blues.  In the 1980s he started performing solo piano in clubs and composing his own works which are now considered “New Age music”.  I prefer to call the style “new classical”.  David Lanz wrote this piece to honor the 20th anniversary of Earth Day. This past Wednesday, April 22, we celebrated the 50th birthday of Earth Day!  And we still have more to do…
Madre de La Tierra.
P.s.  If you want a true inspiration of breathtaking color and happiness, I recommend you visit Harmony Gardens, owned by the Kingsley family in Harmony, on hwy 52.  Being surrounded by such beauty…it calms the soul and mind…and makes you smile.    And gives us hope that all will be well again.  

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