Music for Maundy Thursday by Heidi Dybing

With these strange times of separation and missing being with all of you, (and my wonderful grand piano was just tuned!)  Phil and I decided to record the Holy Week music that I would have played for you all.  There will be a selection each day through Easter Sunday, today’s being Maundy Thursday.  Please check your email each day and share them with those who may enjoy hearing the music.

Here is the music history of today’s piece, Via Dolorosa: 

It was composed in 2008 as a vocal solo by a writing team of Borop and Sprague.  Via Dolorosa is a street in the Old City of Jerusalem which is thought to be the path Jesus walked on his way to his crucifixion.  

The words to the song are:  Down the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem that day, The soldiers tried to clear the narrow street; But the crowd pressed in to see a man condemned to die on Calvary. 

Down the Via Dolorosa,  called “the way of suffering”, Like a lamb came the Messiah-Christ the King; But He chose to walk that road, out of His love for you and me, Down the Via Dolorosa…all the way to Calvary.  

My Mom was a vocal music teacher in Lanesboro Schools K-12 for 30 some years.  One of my favorite class projects in elementary school was when she would play a classical piece and have us draw pictures of what we heard in the music.  I would like you to close your eyes and draw pictures in your mind.  See if you can hear Jesus’s anguish in the Garden of Gethsemane through the horrendous acts of Good Friday. And then be silent.  

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